We are considering a switch from the traditional horsepower system into the power/weight ratio system. Updates will be made after a conclusion has been reached.

Why do we need divisions?

The Grand Touring Championship uses divisions to make every race fair. Having a faster car racing against much slower cars isn't fair, right? Divisions are broken up not by skill, but by horsepower of the car. There is also a motorcycle division. However, it uses cc to divide motorcycles.


Car Divisions

Division A: Division A cars are cars that have 120-200 Horsepower. Most cars in this division are usually not sports cars and are stock. Common Division A cars are Honda Civics, Toyota Camrys, Nissan Sentras, and Honda Accords.

Division B: Division B cars have 201-345 horsepower. Cars in this division are mostly stock Japanese sports cars, American sedans, or lower-end European sedans. Common Division A cars are Nissan 350z, Toyota Supra, Ford Mustangs, and the BMW 1 Series line of cars.

Division C: Division C cars have 346-425 horsepower. Cars in this division are mostly modified Japanese sports cars, American muscle cars, and European sports cars. Common Division C cars are the Nissan Skyline GTR, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Focus RS, and BMW M series cars.

Division D: Division D cars are cars that have 426-600 horsepower. Most cars in this division are highly modified Japanese sports cars, high-end American muscle cars, and lower-end European supercars. Common Division D cars are the Nissan Skyline GTR, Nissan GTR, Shelby GT500, Porsche 911 Turbo, and the Dodge Viper ACR.

Division E: Division E cars are cars that have 601-800 horsepower. The types of cars included in this division are extremely modified Japanese sports cars, and higher-end European supercars. Common Division E cars are the Nissan GTR, Ferrari 488 GTB, F12berlinetta, and LaFerrari.

Division F: Division F cars usually have a horsepower greater than 801. Most cars in this division are Super-Supercars and Racecars. Common Division F cars are the Saleen S7 GT, Pagani Zonda, and Konigsegg 1:1.

Motorcycle Division(s)

Division M-1: Division M-1 motorcycles have 1-500 cc. These motorcycles are small and generally ridden by beginners. Some examples of Division M-1 motorcycles include the UM Renegade Sport, Yamaha MT-03 and KTM 390 Duke.

Division M-2: Division M-2 motorcycles have 501-1000 cc.

Division M-3: Division M-3 motorcycles have 1001-1500 cc.

Division M-4: Division M-4 motorcycles have 1501-200 cc.

Division M-5: Division M-5 motorcycles have more than 2001 cc.

The motorcycle divisions are still a work in progress.