The Docks are Import/Export Heaven. Known to many as Trade Waters, You can sell unneeded wares for cheap money, or trade car parts.

New shipments arrive regularly, and export ships will leave every 2 days, they return on Mondays or Fridays.

How do Exports Work?

Export ships give random parts to people on this wiki. You have a chance to load your wares for 2 days until you have to wait for the Mentioned return Dates.

If you wish to load your wares, the price rises with the value. Parts with the CSR Brand are extremely Valuable. The cost to load them is $4,239. Vehicles without a brand (Self built have low value, with a set cost of $34 and $36.) are free, but have value as weak as someones behind after taco bell.

How do Imports work?

Imports are usually powerful items, some make no sense, but very pricey parts. Imports can be from suggestions in the comments, or regular changes. A regular spoiler may have a price around $90 dollars, and average down force. Imported Spoilers have better down force, or even maximum, but have a price around $430


The strategy of Depreciation lowers the value by flooding a market with certain items. You can depreciate an item by posting 4 advertisements in different articles. MAKE SURE YOU ASK THE OWNER OF THE PAGE FIRST! You can depreciate up to 3 times, so a total of 12 ads in different pages will depreciate a part once.

The cost is cut into half each time you deflate a parts value. so a part with 64 Dollars value will have a final value of 8 dollars. Cutting the value makes it cheaper to load parts, but it also means less money is gained.


Appreciating Value means inflating the price of a certain item. If a part is high performance, and ultra rare, it's value is 2X It's regular value. You can appreciate up to 3 times. Parts that are high performance, but common, as well as ultra rare, poor performance parts, are less likely to be worth the trouble of appreciation, and don't ask me about common and poor parts!

To appreciate value, you need to maintain zero advertisements for a period of 5 weeks until the price rises.