Hey there! Welcome to the Chop Shop. I'm Johnny John Johnson. I'm the leader of the Speed Demonz and

The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop in all its glory.

own many cars. Here you can buy a car or parts to modify and start racing. To buy stuff, comment below and send me the money.

(Don't worry. All of the parts here are legal. I didn't actually start a real chop shop. I bought or built these parts. The shop's name is only the Chop Shop.)


You can buy cars from me. They are either custom built or bought from others.

Pre-Built Cars

Chevrolet Camaro

Information: I bought this car from a friend who needed money. The engine is repaired and I added some Bumblebee decals.

Price: $23500

Division: C

Toyota Corolla

Information: This car got totaled. I bought it from the junkyard and fixed it up. The engine is brand new, there are racing brakes and suspension and I added a spoiler. Spoilers are nice. Good starter car.

Price: $17500

Division: A

Nissan 370Z

Information: I built this car with parts I bought online, from others, the factory or built by myself. I modified the engine so it can reach over 200 MPH. I gave it some nice decals, a spoiler and built some custom wheels.

Price: $22750

Division: C

Ford Mustang

Information: This Ford Mustang is from the dealership. I modified it so it can perform better. There is a modified engine, some cool decals and a spoiler.

Price: $22550

Division: B

Audi R8

Information: This Audi is designed as a drift car. There is a modified turbo engine and an Ultimate Racing exhaust system.

Price: $57500

Division: D

Custom Cars

If you want, I can make a custom car for you. The initial fee is $10000, and it increases for upgrades, paint jobs or extra things. I cannot built every single car, so you may not get what you want. Just give me a description and I'll take over.

The following are what determines what the final price is.

(All are added to the initial fee.)

Division: $0 (A) $500 (B) $1000 (C) $2000 (D) $5000 (E) $10000 (F)

Custom Paint Job: $250

Body Kits: $175

Decals: $40

Upgraded Parts: $350 (A) $950 (B) $1300 (C) $24500 (D) $30000 (E) $57500 (F)


I have tons of parts at my shop, so go ahead and choose!

(I got bored so this section is not finished. I'll try and finish it soon)


Modified Chevrolet Engine

Information: I got this engine from a Chevrolet truck. I modified it so it can be used in racing. This has 575 horsepower.

Price: $4500

Factory Dodge Charger Engine

Information: I bought some Dodge Charger engines from an engine builder. They are powerful, able to pull off 300-700 horsepower.

Price: $5750


Ultimate Racing Exhaust System

Information: Ultimate Racing is a company that makes really good exhaust systems for racing. This is probally the best exhaust system you can get.

Price: $200






Safety Equipment

Roll Cage

Information: Safety is important, so I sell roll cages. They are made of lightweight steel, so you are protected without weighing down your car.

Price: $150

Fire Extinguisher

Information: If you crash, roll over or whatever that damages your car, you might be caught in a fire. Use a handy fire extinguisher to put it out.

Price: $45


Information: Protect your head with special racing helmets. You can customize them in any way you want.

Price: $65


Custom Decals

Information: I will make you some custom decals. Just tell me what you want and I'll design them.

Price: $50

Interior Design

Shift Knobs

Information: Shift knobs are what they sound like: knobs for shifting gears. You can get factory knobs, aftermarket knobs or custom knobs.

Price: $175