Engine Specs:

Engine Type: 2.5-litre straight 6 (inline 6 cylinder)

Weight: 1,130 KG

Horsepower: 150 HP

Torque: 164 HP

The TR6 is an old, outdated car that used to be the fuel of many touring champions. It is now being used in Division A events due to its lack of horsepower and torque. However, a man by the name of Forward Gymkhana has tuned his TR6 into the world stage, proving that this bugger can still compete today.

Designed by a man named Giovanni Michelotti, its predecessors, the TR4 and TR5, entered production in 1961. Later, German firm Karmann restyled the TR5 into the TR6. Starting production in 1968, this car was a powerhouse for a sports car during its time. A few racing teams produced the Touring Editions of the TR6, with 20,000 of the 96,000 models produced Touring Editions specialized for racing. However, it was beginning to get phased out by the mid-1970s. Now, they are commonly found in Division A competitions.