The Sub-Trackers are a group of racers that are logical thinkers of the Fast Lane. While they have a tendency to be smrt, they are in no means anti-social. Many members can be a bit of a dumba-dumba on the tech, and quite a few don't know any other racing words other than "Pit Stop".

Pit Box Special Features

The pit box of a Sub-Tracker team is complete with a communication system inside the booth. The Purpose of this is to let the driver tell the Pit Crew what needs changing up, what needs repairs, and when to deflate the tire pressure (Or inflate it), or outright remove the need for gas. It's up to the driver until they reach the pits to make the alterations.

The next thing is the pit crew's arsenal. The Tire Rack is already on the pit road on the left hand side of the car. This makes it easier to throw the pits in.

The one thing that sets the entire Sub-Tracker pit crew apart from the rest is the use of their top secret technology in order to match up lap times