These rules are made to make sure the wiki quality is all good.


No Cussing or Swearing, You'll get a ban or warning if you do.

Articles should have the following elements:

  • Incomplete articles should be given the stub and/or Expand notice.
  • Words that are themselves titles of additional articles should be linked only on their first occurrence in the article.

Internal links add to the cohesion and utility of The Fictional Touring Championship Wiki by allowing readers to deepen their understanding of a topic by conveniently accessing other articles. These links should be included where it is most likely that readers might want to use them; for example, in article leads, the beginnings of new sections, table cells, and image captions.

Fanfiction rules

Keep Your Racer Modern. Sure, big engines that are higher than the actual hood are allowed, but don't make it look alien-like or anything else of the sort. Here's one tip. The car should be generally possible to make in real life. The cars you make should not be too fast. Each car is part of a division, and cars deemed too fast or ahead of its division will be ranked-up into a higher division.

Right now these are the only rules, but when more elements and other stuff get packed we'll include new ones.