A prototype car given to Daisuke Kakashi as a gift, this AWD car has the best traction in its class.

Extra Specs:

Horsepower: 723 HP

Engine Code: RD-V33V

Weight: 740 KG

0 - 60 time: 3.44 seconds

Setup: AWD

Engine Placement: Mid-Engine


Racing car company Frein MotorSport had made several other RD models before this one - RD-01 was a single-seater car with a jet streamlined appearance, RD-02 was a two seater with a bug-like appearance similar to Zonda cars, RD-03 was a short buggy, RD-04 was a rally SUV, and RD-05 was simply an improvement over the RD-04 model.

Most of Frein's designs were great, in fact many of them were able to compete in top flight motorsports. One problem, however, was present. The cars were too heavy. Often during a race the RD's would be quickly passed by lighter models like the Ariel Atom V8 or the Porsche line-up. Although the weight problem was fixed in the 03 to 5 models, many drivers still had complaints on the traction control. Thus, Frein decided to take both situations in examination and put it into the next RD model.


Frein decided to take its Italian rival Ferrari's V6 turbocharged F1 engine style and the iconic VTEC engine and mesh them together to create a high acceleration engine with reliable results. The most noticeable change is that there are two crank/camshafts instead of one. This is supposed to be the VTEC part of the car, as pressing the pedal long enough will result in a increasing bump of acceleration. The VTEC part of the system is to make sure that the engine does not result in early failure due to heat conditions, as without the change in camshafts the engine will heat up even faster. The two V's in the codename represent the V engine setup and the VTEC part of the car.

Chassis and Body

Since they wanted the car to be light, Frein made it a single-seater with minimal rear space. Then, they made the hood area narrow and thin. Originally Frein wanted the engine to be in the front, but since the car would be so light the engine would make the front more heavy, causing traction problems. Instead, Frein made it a mid-engine to balance each section of the car equal. Next came the rear curves and the wing setup. While the rear flares were relatively easy to make, the wing was quite troubling to idealize. They originally tried to make a bench wing, but the balancing and overall aerodynamic capability would not benefit the car. Instead, Frein made two blade-like pop ups from the back that could automatically adjust to the current condition (Fun Fact: The RD-09 copied this concept to improve its aerodynamic control).