The leader of the Night Burnerz, Hideki's fast and sleek yellow R32 Skyline GT-R Blitzer can power through anything, from hairpins to straightaways. The Yellow Blitz seems impossible to beat, and Hideki Aijo mastered the way of beating every single flaw in his car using technique, so make sure you and your car is a beast, too.

Extra Stats:

Horsepower: 767

Torque: 803

Gears: 6

0-60 Rate: 2.99 seconds

Weight: 1,140 kg


Found damaged on the bottom of the Akina touge, this imploded R32 was recovered by car enthusiast John Maxwell. Repairing it and selling it to audiences, the car was abandoned in a driveway when the owner forgot to bring the R32 with him when he was moving towns.

Long forgotten for seven years, the car was expected to rust and dust. Yet, despite going through a snowstorm, a thunderstorm, and a local fire, it never got a scratch.

Until Hideki got in it.


Like many car enthusiasts, Hideki brought his new R32 to several races at Mount Akina. His driving instinct and ability to achieve a perfect line in the corners was well praised by many of the spectators and grabbed the attention of several professional racing businesses. After a great but short career in the underground area of racing, Hideki decided that it was time move on into the main dream - the Grand Touring Championship.

Division C Championships

Hideki got on the pro racing bandwagon by grabbing the attention of the Inquiring Owl Division BD team. He quickly impressed his majors due to a powerful podium finish at Watkins Glen International. A string of consistent finishes and wins helped IQ and his teammate Julio Silva clench a national title. With a qualification to the Division C Championships, Julio and Hideki's status grew increasingly higher in the racing world.

(To be continued...)