Famous for dressing, acting, and driving like the Stig, racers and the Stig himself has called him "The Stig Junior". He is also notorious for joining races mid-race, just like when Raymond was in the Nurb during the Division A Cup. The only time he takes off his Stig race suit and helmet is when he's not driving. He only likes driving Japanese cars.


  • He likes to pretend he is the Stig. This means he literally doesn't talk when he races. Even if he has a spotter. He's literally silent.
  • He has met the current Stig. The two were both in race suit and helmet, and both just shook hands.
  • Jon watches Top Gear in his spare time.
  • He thinks Raymond should become the next Stig thanks to his superior driving skills to his.
  • People have seen what Jon looks like, as he usually goes to races dressed in his race suit without his helmet to watch upcoming racers or crush their dreams by beating them by joining mid-race.