(This version of Janise Keri was born earlier than the RSW version, Ragnarok also doesn't exist in this version. Bear with me, as this is one of the longest pages I have made.)

Janise Keri's first ever car. Gone are the days of motorbikes, it's time for an automobile! Look out racing world, The boxing legend is back as a racer!

Legends stay Legends

After fleeing from Texas, Janise Keri needed a new career to continue. Her old career had fallen apart 3 years after establishment, and she needed a way to keep up her funds to keep food and lodging.

One day while driving around the neighbourhood in her bike, she spotted a garage sale with a 2017 Chervolet Camaro ZL1 in the seller's garage (That's why they call it a garage sale, right?!). Despite her own issues with automobiles, she used the funds she had from her former career to buy the Camaro.

Revving for an Upgrade

Originally, this car was a division A car, holding the same speed as Callie Nickerson's Dodge: 134 Mph. Same way as Raymond upped the division on his Nissan GTR, Janise made a decision to up this car's division.

Tire Mods

Poor grip was the word to describe this Camaro's Traction. The tires were extremely worn down, a single tight turn could mean the end of a racer. Keri took off the car's damaged wheels and took a good look at it. The rubber was shredded multiple times and the last owner never bothered to change tires, just patch it up with cheap rubber found at home. What were they thinking?!

Luckily, Janise had spare tires at home (Don't ask how she got her hands on them), which she managed to put on the Car. All season all the way!!! She also added sport tire compounds to help keep the car grounded

Rim Style

Nothing much here, except for changing the rim from a nascar rim into an HRE P107.

Spring and Damper Mods

Stock is a bit boring, so Janise decided to take out the stock suspension and add sport suspension. This may have brought the car closer to the ground, but it didn't matte too much to Janise.

Chassis Mods

There was quite a lot of room for upgrading in this part of the car. First, she needed to install Race front anti roll bars, to counter the car's already powerful speed. Next was to install a Race Roll Cage to make the car stronger and keep the most tire on the ground. She also did a quick front bumper refurbishment.

Engine Mods

Now came the part that was gonna take most of Janise's time, blood and sweat. There were heavy upgrades and re-installed parts, many people would think that it would be easier to change the entire engine.

Intake mods

  • Swap out stock with sport
  • Deep cleaning to keep it nice and hollow for air to come through

Fuel system mods

  • Damaged beyond repair, had to be swapped out for a race fuel system

Ignition mods

  • Quite worn out. Had to replace it a race ignition

Exhaust Mods

  • Sport Exhaust. Race was a teensy bit hard to come around in terms of supplies
  • Deep cleaning needed to prevent gunk build up

Camshaft mods

  • Needed to reinstall it due to gunk build up.
  • Mentioned gunk build up was cleared out, Camshaft was changed into Sport

Valve Mods

  • Quite a bit of wear and tear due to rubbing against metal parts a lot. Had to mildly clean it.
  • Some extra upgrades made them act like race valves

Displacement Mods

  • Not much upgrading, but displacement required extreme cleaning due to residue build up.

Piston mods

  • Extreme damage required swapping out for a race version.


  • Due to extreme activity to power the entire car, Intercooler was replaced with a race Intercooler.

Oil cooling

  • Nothing much here except race swap out.


  • Changed the stock for a race fly wheel. RPM raised.

Platform and Handling

First to start were the brakes. Efficiency needed to be raised, so the brakes were changed into Race versions of them. Next was weight reduction. Sport or Street? Janise said to herself. She went with sport and accidentally got her hand stuck.

First Race/Test: Jonathan Fastclutch

Trial log: 6-12-17