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The Florida 400 is a lap race (or is it endurance racing? I can't tell), 10 racers are allowed to enter.


The Florida 400 is a lap race based in the daytona intl speedway. Racers need to make 400 laps around, holding on to 6 pit stops. Racers also need to modify their rim style to that of a Nascar, Change the spring and dampers into race versions, and wear drifting tires.

The Florida 400 is also a Division D-E race, so only cars like Hell driver can enter.

Florida 400 has about 8 rounds, each with 5 laps. It's a classic elimination tournament, basically. Sub will be writing the stories in a bit of a Cars movie style, which is basically the way he thinks.

Mods Required

Tire mods

  • Nascar rim style
  • Drift Tires

Spring and Dampers

  • Race Spring and dampers.


10 racers are allowed to race the Florida 400, so long as they have the mods required listed above. BE WARNED: Side bashing, side swipes, backwards driving, the PIT manoeuvre and two wheel driving are allowed, so be careful!

Racer Name Car Setup Division
Callie Nickerson Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (Hell Driver) Rally E
Kyle Sckus Ford Mustang GT Track E
Daisuke Kakashi '79 Trans-Am Rally D
Darrel Cartrip Subaru WRX STI Track D
Henry Wayne Audi R8 (Dirt Tracker) Rally E
Lee Keri Team Penske Shell-pennzoil Fusion (Marble Path) Track D
King Soulja Mitsubishi Lancer-Evolution VII Endurance E