Welcome to EDrift! A multinational e-commerce corporation that's taking the world by storm!

We are the first and largest car dealing company in the United Kingdom and is a sister branch of the EBot company.

In addition to selling cars, we also do modifications if our customers pre-order them. If you want to purchase a car, please leave a comment below on what car you want and list the requested modifications.

Just keep in mind, we might not have all the modifications you want, but we'll try to do our best. Unique paint jobs are not supported, however, we might have some patterns to paint on your door. LED lights at the bottom of the car and rims with LED are supported.

How to Order

If you decide to purchase anything, please follow the following format.

Car Type:

Primary Color:

Wheels and Rims:


BottomLED: True/False

WheelsLED: True/False



Thanks you very much!

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