The Division A National Cup is the final step for amateur Division A drivers to rank up to Division B. Winning this tournament will get you $100,000 and your division will be ranked up to B.


  1. Brands Hatch (Short Circuit)
  2. Ebisu
  3. Estoril
  4. Gilles-Villinueve Circuit
  5. Hockenheim
  6. Nurburgring

Brands Hatch (Indy/Short Circuit)

A circuit with dipping straights, long corners and a tough bend at the second corner known as the Druids Bend.


A mini touge in Japan consisting of many hairpin turns and two short uphill and downhill sections


Known for its long straights, Estoril has winding bends and exciting corners to test your car's abilities.

Gilles-Villenueve Circuit

Challenging chicanes and breath-taking straights make this track worthy of the late racer's name.


A winding circuit with many turns and chicanes, Hockenheim is often looked down upon despite being a wonderful circuit (NOTE: The famous Jim Clark pf Lotus died racing here).


The classic Nurburgring is not only just a F1 must-have, it's also a tension building track with high speeds that can take your breath away - literally (Example: Niki Lauda).