The McLaren F1s raced at BPR and FIA GT are widely applauded. But what about the ones raced in Japanese circuits?

Buying it

Daniel, through his uncle, rented his dream car; the McLaren F1, brought by him by a Japanese racer. At the meantime, Daniel earned $5000000 through deals with Mazdaspeed(due to Outset Racing being a dealer of Spec Miatas) and Cryptocurrency exchanges(with the $1mil he collected for a Porsche, he bought 1820 ETH, then sold at New Year's day, Jan 1, 2018). Daniel obtained the car through his uncle's garage giveaway event, in which he bought it for $3mil.

Performance Stats

Division: E

Type: Track

Power: 660hp @ 7400rpm

Torque: 660N/m @ 4200rpm

Weight: 1177 kg

Pwr/Weight Ratio: 3.5s(Nearly stock, but weight was increased)

Drivetrain: Mid-engine, RWD


Being a valuable car, it is unlikely that Daniel will ever customize the car, or modify it in the first place. Installation of the Aero kit was done by McLaren upon request of the previous owner.


His McLaren F1 GTR is actually a replica; built from a highly modified McLaren F1 LM replica(this package was indeed offered by McLaren).