This car is legendary, as Daisuke's older and incredible brother Edwin used to win every race with this thing and promoted from Division A with the Trueno. The car relies on your human ability to drive. Drifting is all natural and the freedom of expression when driving it is 100%.

When Edwin died, Daisuke brought it in for upgrades and used it to promote from the divisions B and C.

The Start of A Generation

It was 1994 when 16 year old Edwin Kakashi bought a normal AE86 Trueno for driving to school. Little did Edwin know, that he would be brought into the racing scene.

Battle One: The Touge

After hanging out with friends at Shibuya, Edwin drove to the Ebisu mountain to gaze at the stars. However, his drive was interrupted by a mean group, the Evo Team. They only drove Lancer Evolutions, and boy were they reckless. The cars blocked the whole road and would not go away until someone challenged them to a race.

Edwin was unfazed by their smug looks, and considered just driving home. But something told him to accept the challenge.

Edwin: First Drift

Something like talent.

Regardless of what the consequences were, Edwin told the Evo drivers that he wanted to race. All he got was laughter and sarcasm. "Do you really think that old 10 year old 112 hp junker can beat an EVO?!" cracked one member. Even so, Edwin was persistent. After talking for a while, he finally got a race.


"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!"

The Evo driver slammed hard on the pedal, easily getting ahead of the 8-6. Despite this, Edwin remained calm, and casually strolled towards the peak.

The Evo driver was surprised to see two pop up headlights flashing behind him.

The downhill section came up, and the 8-6 started power sliding consistently. Gaining on the Evo by tenths, Edwin raised the tension even more by threatening the inside. The hairpins approached, and the Evo's recovery from corners started to fail.

'This is the chance,' thought Edwin. 'The chance to gaze at the stars...'

Holding on to the accelerator, Edwin vowed far left, and then found the place he was looking for. The infamous gutter. With ease, the Evo was instantly shamed, and the 8-6 claimed victory of the Ebisu Touge.

Chapter Two: A Trip to Usui

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