Hello everyone, Ambus here. For some newcomers, they may be thinking of creating a custom car. Well, if you want to create one, I may help you with it!

Before you read this, I expect you to have finished reading this first.

Creating your own Car

Part 1: Thinking of a Name

So, the basics. Give the guy driving your car a name. For example, "Johnny Johnson". If he's driving a Ford Focus, then you name your page "Johnny Johnson's Ford Focus"

Part 2: Constructing your Car Page

To create a page, look for the top-right of the web page. You should find a button named "Contribute". Click it and you will see a selection. Click Add a Page and put do your title.

Part 2.1: Adding the template

With your new page, click the very first line of the editing space and type your information of your car. Add the stats, fights, and the story. You may use this template found here. You can also refer to the existing car pages to give you an idea. Just bear in mind that you should not make your car's stats too OP in it's Division.

Part 2.2: Adding a picture

Search for a picture online or draw your own dream car out. If you can't find your favorite car, you can always go to EDrift.

Part 3: Pitting your car into a Race

To place your car into a fight you have two options:

Part 3.1: Racing your own enemies

Think and write about your own rivals. You can win or lose to them. Usually this is written first to build up some backstory.

Part 3.2: Racing Custom Cars

To race Custom made Car, refer to your opponent's page and check who is the owner. Click the owner's profile and go to the message board of him/her. Then, leave a message on his/her wall. You can discuss the fight there. You can also leave a message to your opponent car's page about the fight. Either that or go and take a vote. You can also join some tournaments where you pit yourself aganist a number of people at the same time.

Part 4: Success!

You finally made your own car! Just keep in mind that you can own many car. Just be very nice to other car owners!

Credits to Tribound for his formatting.